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Let us just talk a little bit about who we are.

About KodeMint - Certified Laravel Vue Web Development Team

Who We Are

Two Full Stack Developers, wanting to change the way people feel and experience the technology around them, got together to co-found a venture named "KodeMint".

One of them is passionate about fusing features and functionalities with imaginative art direction and clear interface design, while the other has a keen eye and a strategic mind for developing applications and planning the ideal data-storing architecture. KodeMint Team creates excellent products for Web and Mobile as a result. We are a little better at using designs to express and convey ideas than other things, which naturally raises the calibre of our products.

Artists by nature, Developers by choice!

Meet The KodeMint Team

Nagesh Tiwari - Co Founder, Full Stack Developer @ KodeMint

Nagesh Tiwari

Co Founder, Full Stack Developer
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Nagesh leads the UI/UX Design and Front-end Development team at KodeMint, with experties in technologies, including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Vue, and Tailwind. Everyone at KodeMint can see that for Nagesh, pixels are his one and only love, especially the way he combines them to allow people to participate and interact with them. Simply said, he adores everything about them!

He has had a life-long passion for building robust web apps and holds himself to a high standard in order to create a welcoming, user-centric web experience. He offers top-notch design solutions, solid conceptual ideas, and thorough UX and research methods thanks to his 15 years of experience.

He enjoys reading fictional novels, watching anime, and strangely all kinds of music. In his spare time, Nagesh is… well, Nagesh is probably researching everything from 'how something works' to 'how to destroy this universe'!

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Vinay Kesharwani - Co Founder, Full Stack Developer @ KodeMint

Vinay Kesharwani

Co Founder, Full Stack Developer
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Vinay, who has over a decade of expertise in backend programming, specially in Laravel and has worked on more than 300 projects, is the team leader for Product Development at KodeMint. He has a keen interest in technology and tries to stay current on trends by learning new things, participating in meetups & conferences, and reading.

He started off as a Core PHP developer but gradually became a FullStack Developer. He is also one of KodeMint's Certified Laravel Developers. He focuses on creating reliable and user-friendly web apps for clients and users while constantly keeping an eye out for the latest technological developments.

Along with playing with his daughter, he likes to talk about political issues & anecdotes. In his free time, Vinay is frequently found vetoing other people's political viewpoints and sneakily checking his Twitter feed.

Laravel PHP MySQL Vue JS Tailwind CSS Bootstrap HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Vite Git
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The most incredible support! The best service I've ever had from an Envato seller. My installation encountered an issue, assistance responded in five minutes, and the issue was resolved in ten. Thank you very much KodeMint Team!

Jonathan Martin

Director, Jortin Creative Media

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